Types of Clay I've Tried

Nisan 24, 2017

I've been sculpting for three years so I've tried a bunch of clays. I want to share my experience about the clay types and brands. These are all my experience. Please don't get offended if you love the clay that I don't like :)

Super Scupey:

This has two types. Super Sculpey Firm and Beige. I love this clay. It's consistency is great! You don't have to knead this clay for minutes to soften it. It becomes soft in seconds, after shaping it is hard enough to hold its shape. After baking you can carve it easily. So this one is my favourite. Beige one is softer. Firm one is harder. You can mix these clays as you like. I was mixing it %50-%50 but now I mix %75 firm-%25 beige cause I want my clay harder.

By the way there is a clay called Super Sculpey Medium Blend, It is the mixture of firm and beige. I've seen it on Amazon. I can't try it cause they don't send it to Turkey. Please write your experience about this clay as a comment under this post if you've tried it.

The worst part of Super Sculpey Firm and Beige is that it is so fragile after baking especially if your sculpture has thin parts. But if you cool the sculpture in the oven, you can get better results.

Fimo Soft:

I started sculpting with this clay. I bought basic colors, white, black, yellow, red and blue. This clay is really hard in the package. You have to knead it for a couple of minutes to soften. First it is crumbly. After working with the clay, it becomes so soft that there are finger prints all over your sculpture. When you're working on a sculpture, for example you're making a minion, while you're sculpting its eyes, you ruin its hands. So if I use Fimo I have to bake my sculptures after every progress.

Sculpey III:

Sculpey III is so soft. I've tried white colored one and didn't like the consistency. If you hate hard clay, this one may be your favourite.

Fimo Professional:

If you really hate painting your clay and you would like to use colored clay, I recommend you to use Fimo Professional instead of Fimo Soft or Sculpey III. Its consistency is great. It doesn't become so soft while you're working with it. So if I'm making a keychain etc. I use this clay because it is stretchy after baking and doesn't seem to break easily. 

Makin Clay's AirDry:

When I saw this clay in a craft store, I thought that all baking torture is gonna be history. But nope. They say it is an air dry "polymer clay" but you can't shape it easily like other polymer clays. I didn't like the texture. I couldn't make a detailed sculpture with it. It becomes really hard and sturdy after it dries though, that is a good thing. 

Fimo Air Light:

This clay is so light! But I didn't like the texture either. I may use this clay covering my wire armatures. It would help the sculptures to be lighter. 

Thanks for reading! If you have different experiences or if you want to recommend a brand that I haven't tried yet, Please make a comment. Thanks!

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