How to Make Basic Armature

Haziran 20, 2017

Hello Polymer Clay Lovers :)

I decided to prepare quick blog tutorials about sculpting so if you don't have time for watching my videos you can read my blog posts and get what you need.

I start with a basic armature that you can use for any figure with some modification.

Polymer clay isn't cheap so you should use wire to make an armature and cover it with aluminum foil to minimize your expenses. It also helps the sculpture to be stronger and shortens the baking.

First cut two pieces of wire and place them as a T shape. Then bend the wires to attach each other. Here are my wonderful graphics that explains how I bend the wire while making the armature. :)

I hope it helps. Please ask me anything on the comments if you get confused. You don't have to bend the wire exactly how I do. At the end you should have an armature that looks like shape 8 and be sure that it isn't wobbly. Use pliers to make it stable if needed.

You'll attach the head on the upper wire. The wires on the left and right will be the arms.

Cover the armature with aluminum foil. Then cover it with polymer clay and sculpt. Be sure that polymer clay is thick enough to shape.

I also have a video about how to make an armature.

Please let me know on the comments how it went after you try. 

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